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An adventurous summer camp, surrounded by the astonishing outdoor setting of the Italian Alps: your kids will not be willing to leave this place!

Camping, paintball, adventure-park, hikes in the nature: the Italian Alps are waiting for you!

Imagine to turn back time and have the opportunity to experience the wild and real nature of the high mountains, with your new friends from all over the world: your kids will experience this opportunity and much more at the International Camp Sancelso.


Check out the other camp activities:

Camp out, Cook out and Trekking

Sleeping in a tent or cabin after a day of trekking is a unique experience essential for the kids’ growth path, as well as learning how to make a campfire and cook like real explorers. By planning together and taking part at the various excursions we will get to know the environment and techniques of the mountains.

Adventure Park

An Adventure Park equipped with 8 courses of varying difficulty will allow the children of the Camp to move in complete safety between ropes, trees and suspended bridges up to 20m high, all immersed in a beautiful pine forest between Tibetan bridges and suspended walkways!


Woodcraft Experience

The kids of the Camp will discover the explorers’ secrets and techniques to enjoy the mountains surrounded by nature: picking  blueberries in the woods, make a fire, build a shelter, and many other unusual and fascinating pioneering activities.

Sancelso International Camp - Attività Woodcraft experience


Our Camp offers those over 8 years old the chance to try an exciting game of paintball, in complete safety and accompanied by qualified instructors: an exciting sport that allows you to experiment with game tactics, strategy and precision!


International Camp Sancelso proposes e-bike excursions for those over 10 years old to experience trails and dirt roads with unique sensations and panoramic views even on two wheels. We will discover the most evocative corners of the Queen of the Orobie from a completely new point of view, experiencing exciting adventures!

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