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Nature & Culture

Discovering Italy: Trentino Alto Adige, a still uncontaminated region rich in culture and activities for all ages.

Holidays in the mountains, nights in the hut, trips to the Paneveggio Park – Pale di San Martino, to Trento and Bolzano to visit their castles and museums… and much more!

Your kids will live a great holidays at the Bellamonte International Camp, full of different and various activities: sports and adventure, the discovery of the culture of one of the most amazing and pristine Italian regions: Trentino Alto Adige!

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Our Animal Friends

With the ponies Joy and Lulu and the Bernese mountain dogs, Rock and Mia, the campers will learn to relate to and care for the animals, experiencing the importance of body language in human-animal relationship.


“The forest is a therapeutic paradise: Shinrin yoku means to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest (forest bath): living the experience in total relaxation and inhaling the organic substances produced by the forest we almost magically allow our nervous system to “reset”.

Parco di Paneveggio, Pale di San Martino

We will hike to the Parco di Paneveggio, a paradise in the Dolomites located a few kilometers from the Camp: a great place for walking in the mountains and discovering nature and the famous Forest of Violins. This is where world-renowned violin maker, Antonio Stradivari, would get wood to craft his acoustically superior, resonant violins.


We’ll create an amazing t-shirt using an ancient method of dyeing fabrics, will talk about the meaning of colors and shapes to achieve such a truly t-shirt “and our unique”!

Our amazing yurt!

Drinking tea in front of the fire while contemplating the stars. A taste of nomadic life thanks to the possibility of enjoying a house that came, as if by magic, directly from Mongolia.

Discovering together the tabià

The architecture of the town of Bellamonte is characterized by very particular block houses called tabià: let’s have fun discovering them together with our orienteering games!
We will also have the opportunity to visit the majestic Forte Dossaccio, which has watched over the valley for over 100 years.

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